About Me

Hi, I am Tanja Hanekom.

For both freshwater and saltwater hobbyists, Justanothertank.com is a website devoted to offering information on tropical fish and aquariums. I work hard to deliver factual information while preserving a welcoming and enjoyable environment for everyone. I include articles on product reviews, My writers' own experiences, and tales from their fishkeeping journeys in addition to "how to" tutorials and fish profiles.

From long-time amateurs who have kept fish tanks to marine biologists who work in sizable fish preservation facilities or national aquariums, My writers have a wide spectrum of experience. I have members who keep a variety of tanks, from saltwater reef tanks to freshwater planted tanks. I have something for everyone, regardless of expertise level or area of interest!

Editorial Team

led by Industry Experts

I and my writers and editors have in-depth knowledge of the subjects I write about. I take great care to make sure that all of my content is true and supported by the proper citations.

Tamoha Saha

PhD candidate, Veterinary Medicine
Tamoha is pursuing a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and has abundant experience working with exotic and aquatic animals. She grew up with a fresh-water tank, and has enjoyed aquariums ever since. She loves research and development regarding aquatic house pets and is excited to share what she learns with marine enthusiasts.

Veronica DiFuccia

Marine Scientist, Fish Keeping Expert
Veronica is a marine scientist with a passion for fish keeping and husbandry. She has been a home aquarist since she was 10 and decided to make her passion her job. In my spare time she writes about the many facets of fish keeping as well as sharing her experiences as a professional and hobbyist.

Tanja Hanekom

Ocean Scientist, Environmental & Fisheries Consultant
Tanja is a qualified postgraduate scientist with a great passion for nature and how different ecosystems interact. Her education included coursework and practical experience to advance in biological sciences, farming, aquarium research, and fisheries management. She has experience in constructing ponds, aqua- and hydroponics, productive gardens with a small worm farm and compost heap, and larger-scale mariculture facility setups.

Carol Muthony

Fisheries Consultant
Carol is a passionate fisheries consultant with over 5 years of experience in the aquaculture sector. She has been practicing the skills in offering extension services, teaching learners on aquaculture practices and economic empowerment.

Advertising Policies

My website features adverts to bring in money so I can fund the maintenance of this resource. I only ever suggest products that I genuinely believe will benefit my readers in some way or that I ourselves adore. My intention is to make My readers' life easier, not harder. I am aware that stress related to money can affect everyone. I therefore make an effort to offer beneficial recommendations that could lessen that stress. I will never accept fees from businesses or brands to promote their goods without first evaluating the items' value and quality. Please read My disclosure and privacy policy page to learn more about my corporate policies.
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